Mensa Heating

Mensa Heating - Exhibitor at Essex Property Show
Mensa Heating - Exhibitor at Essex Property Show

Safe Touch Technology <>

No more worrying about the kids or the dog in the garden burning themselves on the exposed, hot parts of a conventional patio heater.

All patio heaters from Mensa Heating are equipped with our SAFE TOUCH™ technology. A unique feature which ensures that all products can be touched without the risk of injury. At Mensa Heating we have thought of every detail when it comes to safety.

Environmentally Friendly Patio Heaters <>

Here at Mensa Heating we have developed the perfect, environmentally friendly heater. It is a perfect outdoor heating solution for your home or your garden, as well as for commercial settings.

The heating element by Mensa Heating uses infrared quartz, short wave technology. The only environmentally friendly solution for outdoor heating resulting in a reduction in CO2 emission of between 85-89%, compared with conventional gas heaters.

Ultra low Running Cost <>

With all our products, thermal radiation is transmitted directly to the users of the product. As a result we removed wasting energy by heating the air in between. When using our Outdoor Heaters, we ensure the products will be keeping you warm as opposed to air around you.

Mensa Heating have developed a range of patio heaters which distribute the heat exactly where your body’s natural heat absorption is most efficient, in the legs and feet.