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Louise Simpson Coaching - Exhibitor at Essex Property Show

TV programmes such as ‘Sort Your Life Out’ with Stacey Solomon, are helping people to realise the benefits of Home Organisation are not only on your space but also on your wellbeing.

Louise Simpson has been helping people organise their lives and homes for 5 years across Essex (and the UK by Zoom).  She has shared her expertise on BBC Radio 4; BBC Essex; podcasts and was also a co-author on Amazon Bestseller ‘Ready to Rise’.  Louise is also a 5 year member of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (www.apdo.co.uk) – yes, Home Organising as an industry has been in the UK for 17 years!

As a Professional Organiser and Life Coach, she will help you tackle both the mindset and practical changes required. Louise helps restore balance in your home, reduce overwhelm and make your home work for you. 

Imagine feeling happy to open the door, being able to find the things you need and a feeling of calm and space within your home.  Louise sees her role as her clients biggest supporter, bringing empathy and kindness to fully support them through the process.

Services offered include:

– Life coaching to define and achieve goals.
– Support to find a way through life’s challenges such as bereavement, divorce, health issues.
– Home organisation including decluttering; room and paperwork organisation. Helping you to reclaim your space to make life easier to live and enjoy.
– Moving home and/or setting up your new home. Helping you identify the items you wish to take to the new property to minimise moving costs and unnecessary items being moved. In addition, she can help you get your new home set up in the best way for you.

Louise will help you face challenging situations and push through emotional barriers by providing you with an objective viewpoint and supportive space to help stay clear on your overall goals. Think of her as a Personal Trainer for your home/life.  A personal trainer can help you get fit but you have to want to put in the work in the first place. They can’t do the exercise for you but can identify the best exercises for you and show you how to do them but ultimately, you have to want to make the change.

We are delighted to have Louise join us at the show, who will be on stage to share with you some top tips to help you Sort Your Space AND Wellbeing.

Talk title – Sort Your Space, Sort Your Wellbeing.