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At Creative kitchen wraps Essex we can transform an old tired looking kitchen using our vinyl wrapping techniques to totally transform the whole kitchen at a fraction of the cost of replacing a whole kitchen not only saving money but also preventing needless items going into landfill & all because the colour may be out of date or there is some minor cosmetic damage.

We can also save on the upheaval associated with replacing a kitchen because while we are working on your doors at our studio the kitchen is still fully functional and on our return it only takes a day to complete the rest before we refit the doors to complete the transformation.

Our service is ideal if you are looking to update your colour scheme, house sales, letting’s & fixing existing damage,

We are already working Landlords & letting agents who are now seeing the benefits of the service we provide by not only transforming the look of a property with minimum disruption but we are able to do fast repairs to kitchens that have been transformed previously that may have been damaged by a previous tenant that could normally require costly & timely repairs that could hold up the next tenant moving in.

With a fast turnaround and trusted reviews from our customers why not contact us to today to see what we can do for you & potentially save you thousands over the cost of a new kitchen.

Free quotes & site visits across Essex and beyond.

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