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Handcrafted Healing Jewellery and accessories made with love.

Laura will be gracing us with a variety of workshops on the day – times and workshops to be announced soon..

Laura, the founder of Beautiful Boho is a creative holistic healer & natural witch. She is a Reiki Master Teacher & Crystal Healer. Laura knows how to gain permission & harnesses the power of naturally found materials including crystals, precious metals & minerals, essential oils, shells, feathers, and other holistic remedies to help heal and adorn in a truly unique way. ​

Laura is passionate about her craft, she makes her pieces in ritual cleansing and infusing them in healing reiki energy, raising the vibrations each piece with pure love. Laura holds you in her heart when making your piece, not only will you feel the healing powers from your Beautiful Boho piece you will feel the love when you open your order, Laura also loves to give little extra gifts as an act of gratitude. 

Laura knows how powerful this type of healing is after falling extremely ill a few years ago and exhausting all conventional avenues of medication. She returned to her inner guidance of magic and holistic pain relief and healing. After healing herself and awakening her power she will stop at nothing to share her gifts and her knowledge of the power within the natural gifts for Mother Nature present all around us. 

Laura also regularly holds sacred circles, creating a beautiful space with ceremonial cacao for you to learn about and meditate with crystals, essential oils, make your own healing jewellery piece, learn and be attuned to the amazing healing energies of Reiki 1 & 2 which will benefit you, your spirit & your soul in so many beautiful ways.

Meet Laura on the day, have a borwse through her beautful range of bespoke pieces, take part in her workshops and enjoy listening to her unique healing methods.